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I love to tell people that, “To know me is to love me!” (‘cause it’s true, right??)

Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…

Before you we’re born…in fact, before the first light of creation…He knew you.

As He contemplated His coming creation, before the beginning of time, he considered…you. And He knew you.

He knew you…and do you know what? He LOVED you! He knew who you would be and what you would be… He knew if you would love him, and if you wouldn’t…

You were made to be you…formed by God…known by God.

He thought of you…he loved you…and he was compelled to create you! To know you was to love you.

Often people ask why God would create people that he knows will not accept Him and will end up going to hell…

Answer? Because He thought of them…loved them…had to create them!

His thought had made them real. They were now in existence. He was in love. And He wanted them to exist to love Him back. He had to make it THEIR choice. But to think of them and to love them, and then not to create them…that would be like abortion.

They–you–were as good as real the very moment he thought of you.

And he would do whatever it took…WHATEVER it took…to make it so that you would live with him for all of eternity!

So what did he do?

Given a choice to love God in a perfect setting, man would choose instead to love himself…and all mankind would follow. They would sin…and the smallest blemish in their lives would stain their souls the deepest shade of red. It would compile a debt so great, that nothing short of a life of perfection could overcome it.

So the choice was made. Jesus, chosen before the foundations of the world were laid, raised his hand high to take on the role…he would step down form his throne and shed his power to become like his creation…to show them how much he loved them, and how much he loved the Father, by paying our debt with his very life.

He could have simply cancelled creation itself…but it was too late. He knew you too intimately, loved you too greatly. To stop now would be to go against his very nature, for indeed, God is love.

Hebrews 12:2 tells us: “For the joy set before him he endured the cross...”

What was this JOY set before him? You. Me.

For he knew me. And haven’t I told you?

To know me is to love me.