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The Lord’s often does things in ways we don’t understand.  As people, whether Christians or not, there are many things we endure:

– Illness
– Death
– Sickness
– Money troubles…Losing a job…Losing your house
– Relationship struggles…our kids, our marriages, our friends…

And some of these issues really hit us hard…devastatingly hard!

They make our hearts hurt.  They give us anxiety.  They make us cry.  They make us ask that question:  “What am I going to do NOW?”

These are the struggles that make those who do not believe in Jesus question the very existence of God!

These are the struggles that make Christians question their faith, and they are often rocked to the core.

When the actions of God in our lives stop making sense, and the accompanying, often overwhelming, circumstances we find ourselves facing are threatening to capsize our very hearts…where do we turn to find new meaning and purpose in it all?

The message was delivered at Pacific Beach Bible Church in San Diego, CA, on July 26, 2012. It is Part 1 of 2 message in The Fight of Your Life series.