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Jonah hated the Ninevites…and he had every reason to.  That is, until God sent him on a mission to show them His mercy, clothed in a message of judgement.

It’s easy doing God’s work when it provides the prestige of giving good news to kings and receiving the accolades of the people. But when God calls you to show love to the most cruel, heinous, and powerful people in the known world…running away seems like a viable option!

Pastor Brett explores the path that Jonah takes in his disobedience, his journey of repentance, and his restrained obedience to God’s commands.  Can ANYONE be forgiven, or are some people beyond God’s grace?  And if God can forgive them…can you?  How far SHOULD we go to tell people of God’s love?  See how hard it can be to love the unlovable.

Delivered at Pacific Beach Bible Church in San Diego on February 4, 2013.