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The subject of Hell has been a topic of much discussion and confusion throughout the ages.

Is it simply the place where the “bad people” go?

Many suggest that it is just an invention of the church to scare people into subservience…that it doesn’t exist. To some it is a reason NOT to believe in God. For others, a reason to embrace faith.

In our modern culture, it serves as a destination we’d like some people to take. We use it as a curse word. It’s depicted in films and literature.

Would God REALLY send people to Hell? Is it merely a symbolic image of total destruction? Is it a real place, down below in the bowels of the earth?  And if so, can you get there from here?

In the Bible, four different words are used that are translated as “Hell”: Hades, Sheol, Tartarus and Gehenna. In addition to these is the Lake of Fire mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

Pastor Brett embarks on a simple fact-finding expedition to see just what the Bible has to say about it, and to present why the doctrine of Hell is so important to everyone…believers and non-believers alike!