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Stormtrooper worship

Pastor Brendan Prout of Community Bible Church in San Diego

On the last day of the San Diego Comic Con of 2013, our Sunday morning started with a worship session led by a local pastor in full Stormtrooper armor (helmet on the table in front of him), to be followed by a panel discussion on “Presenting the Bible in Visual Formats”, mediated by me, our panel of experts including Doug tenNapel (Earthworm Jim, CreatureTech), Chip Brown (VP at HarperCollins Christian Publishing), and Mike Miller (DC’s Injustice, Game of Thrones, Lamp Post’s Hand of the Morningstar).

But prior to leading the panel, I was given the opportunity to present a short devotional on our importance as Christians attending San Diego Comic Con.  I was SO, SO blessed…

Listen in as I discuss how Jesus used visual imagery, our attitude at the convention, and my short stint at street preaching outside the convention center!

(The first 50 seconds of the message was recreated due to a technical glitch…please bear with it!)