Brett Burner

Brett Burner

Brett Burner is a Publisher, Speaker/Bible Teacher, and author from San Diego, CA.

His dynamic, energetic, in-depth — and sometimes loud! — teaching style has been well-received by his audiences, and he has preached and taught in numerous churches and publishing events throughout San Diego and Riverside Counties in California.

Brett is also the Publisher of Lamp Post, a CBA publisher of Christian fiction and non-fiction titles.

Beginning as a book design and layout company in 1995, Lamp Post quickly expanded into printing services for the same materials.  With a growing catalog of classic Christian works, Lamp Post began to help published authors re-release their backlists into print and e-Book format.

Today, Lamp Post is a publisher of both classic and current fiction, memoirs, non-fiction works, and graphic novels.

Lamp Post continues to accept submissions, seeking authors who agree with our mission of publishing works that edify the readers.

Now, after nearly a two decades, HUNDREDS of publications and MILLIONS of copies later, Lamp Post is serving the public’s growing need for excellent works both in print and downloadable to a multitude of electronic reading devices.

Brett has created and written on several graphic novel series, most notably the hit youth series, The Hand of the Morningstar, co-published by Harper Collins/Zondervan and Lamp Post.